Avail Biomedical Research Institute

Scientific Excellence and Innovation in Pulmonary Biomedical Research


The Avail Biomedical Research Institute (ABRI) is a discovery and preclinical research organization devoted to the advancement of basic and translational research in chronic inflammatory and fibrotic pulmonary diseases of uncertain etiology or complex pathogenesis. 

Our research programs are addressed to discover new therapeutic targets for the development of drugs more effective than those currently available, to identify the most appropriate biomarkers of therapeutic responsiveness for treatment personalization, and to test the therapeutic potential of novel stem cell-based approaches. 

We have various associated/collaborating centers in Europe, with state-of-the-art laboratories in Munich (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland). The Discovery and Translational Research Center in Munich and the Stem Cell Research Center in Warsaw have GMP/GLP-compliant facilities. These centers also operate as contract research units to provide logistic and highly-qualified scientific and technical support for the conduction of basic research investigations and preclinical studies in the fields of pulmonary medicine and cell-based therapies for pulmonary disorders.




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