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Announcement of October 10, 2022

Generation and Drug Delivery Properties of Engineered Exosomes Homing to the Lung

The Avail Biomedical Research Institute has successfully generated engineered exosomes for the targeted delivery of biologics to the alveolar capillaries of the lung. It has now started the preclinical studies that are required to determine the shelf life, biodistribution and toxicological profile of the intravenously injected clinical-grade exosomes targeting forms of progressive pulmonary fibroses for which there are few, scarcely effective, therapeutic options and no cure.


Investor Meeting of November 20, 2023

Preclinical Testing of the Reparative Properties of a Novel Fibrocyte-Based Scaffold

The Avail Biomedical Research Institute has presented today the positive results of the first preclinical study in an animal model on the use of a composite nanofibrous scaffold coated with autologous fibrocytes to improve cutaneous tissue healing. The study was conducted as part of a collaborative project aiming to test the potential therapeutic value of the novel bioactive composite construct in the field of plastic surgery. 

A number of previous studies have demonstrated a major role of fibrocytes in wound healing and tissue repair (1-7), and this project explores the possible clinical translatability of the available research findings with an innovative approach and targeting a very profitable market.

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